Angela Ahrendts, senior vice-president of retail and online businesses, is Apple's top performer. Photo / Getty Images

Apple execs deserve millions

Five Apple workers who were paid US$281 million ($366 million) last year are among the 100 highest-paid executives in the…

Richie McCaw and Gemma Flynn at the Steinlager Rugby Awards in 2014. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

McCaw director of chopper co

All Black captain Richie McCaw is flying high after becoming a director of commercial chopper company Christchurch Helicopters…

Savings Rates Provided by

Institution Minimum 1 Year
ANZ $1 4.10%
ASB $1 4.15%
BNZ $1 3.90%
Westpac $1 4.15%

Tips for surviving on super

Some older people work well into retirement to supplement superannuation. Picture / Getty Images

Making the move from being a working person to living, at best, in reduced circumstances, and at worst on NZ Super alone…

Ten ways to beat the tax man

Paying taxes is inevitable but there are ways to ensure you keep more of your money in your pocket this tax year. Tamsyn…

Mortgage Rates Provided by

Institution Term Percent
ANZ1 year fixed5.99%
ASB1 year fixed5.99%
Kiwibank1 year fixed5.69%
Westpac1 year fixed5.99%

NZ split into 'two nations'

New welfare benefit figures confirm that New Zealand is splitting into two: Auckland and Christchurch, and everywhere else…

Charitable house sold for $80k

Craig Walker, who owns a building removal business, in front of the house he donated for auction to his old college, Massey High School. Photo / New Zealand Herald, Brett Phibbs

Buying a house for $80,000 in a heated Auckland market seems beyond belief, but an Auckland property developer has done…

Use that power, renters

At what point does Generation Rent start using its votes to change those politicians, Bernard Hickey asks.

'Don't give up hope, commute'

The average Auckland home earned nearly $230 a day in the past year - about twice what the average worker made in their…