Donald Trump, host of the television series 'The Celebrity Apprentice' - NBC has cancelled its relationship with Trump, which means it also won't show 'Miss USA' and 'Miss Universe'. File photo / AP

Donald Trump, you're fired

TV network severs business relationship with colourful tycoon and Apprentice host because of his comments about Mexican…

Savings Rates Provided by

Institution Minimum 1 Year
ANZ $1 4.00%
ASB $1 4.15%
BNZ $1 3.90%
Westpac $1 3.90%

Mortgage Rates Provided by

Institution Term Percent
ANZ1 year fixed5.10%
ASB1 year fixed5.49%
Kiwibank1 year fixed5.39%
Westpac1 year fixed5.49%

Tinder for dogs

Dog owners around the world are signing up to Tindog, a new smartphone app that allows canine lovers to organise playdates…


Job market confidence low

New Zealanders grew more downcast about the state of the labour market in the second quarter, with a softer outlook for…

NZD falls to fresh low

The kiwi dollar has fallen gain, as the Greece debt crisis pushes investors into 'safe havens".

Upside to a dropping dollar

Upside to a dropping dollar

A sagging New Zealand dollar will provide an extra boost to the tourism industry, still glowing from a record summer season…

Top airline awards announced

Qatar Airways has won top airline at the Skytrax awards announced in Paris after nearly 19 million passengers voted.