On July 8 2010 Feilding farmer Scott Guy was found dead in the driveway of his own property.

He had been shot twice as he headed out to work on the farm, while his pregnant wife and young son slept soundly in the house.

The murder was shocking - it was cold and cruel - but when Guy's brother-in-law Ewen Macdonald was charged with gunning him down, it became a case that gripped the country.

Over the next few months and during the high profile murder trial, a tale of jealousy, rivalry, nighttime arson and covert offending emerged.


Macdonald was eventually found not guilty of the murder - a jury deciding the Crown case against him simply was not strong enough to prove the charge - but he was sent to jail on a raft of other crimes against Guy and his wife Kylee.

In episode eight of Herald podcast A Moment in Crime, we look back at the murder of Scott Grahame Guy and the heartbreaking aftermath.

A Moment In Crime is written and hosted by Anna Leask, senior crime reporter for the Herald. The podcast is produced by Chris Tarpey. Frances Cook is the executive producer.

The episode comes follows an anniversary feature by Herald senior journalist Carolyne Meng-Yee, who has been covering the case for much of the past decade.

Meng-Yee spoke extensively to Guy's parents Bryan and Jo, and gives a deep insight into how the family have coped and attempted to heal after the loss of their son, brother, husband and father.

Guy was born and raised in Feilding and had farming in his blood.

After he finished school he worked on a number of rural properties in the Manawatū area and Australia before he settled on the family farm.

He met and married Kylee and they had their first child, Hunter, in 2008.


Kylee was pregnant with their second son when Guy died.

Drover was born in September 2010.

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Guy was shot twice - in the throat and face - as he opened the gated at the end of his driveway.

It's believed the gunman closed the gates - they were normally left open - and pulled the trigger as the 31-year-old father of two climbed out of his ute to open them.

Guy's body lay unnoticed on the ground for more than two hours.

Scott Guy (second from left) and his siblings Callum, Nikki and Anna. Photo / supplied
Scott Guy (second from left) and his siblings Callum, Nikki and Anna. Photo / supplied

Macdonald, a pall-bearer at Guy's funeral, was charged with his murder in April 2011.

The police investigation revealed Macdonald and Callum Boe, a teenager who had worked on the Guy farm, had become close friends.

They enjoyed hunting and tramping together and went on secret night "missions".

At first the missions were innocent enough but, when Boe was in his late teens - a decade younger than Macdonald, they became more sinister.

Offences included poaching, arson, and vandalising property belonging to Scott and Kylee Guy.

They also dumped milk from a tanker and slaughtered 19 calves with hammer-blows to their heads.


Macdonald was denied parole four times before it was granted in 2015 with strict conditions.

The Herald looked back at the Guy's murder to mark the decade anniversary of his death.

Episode eight of A Moment In Crime delves further into the murder and the shocking twist that came when Guy's brother-in-law was charged with his murder.

The episode is available on the Herald website today - and you can listen on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Bryan and Jo Guy a decade after their son's murder. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Bryan and Jo Guy a decade after their son's murder. Photo / Mark Mitchell

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