Mostly cloudy with the odd shower until evening, then becoming fine. Southerlies, easing evening.


Mainly fine, but morning and evening cloud. Light winds, afternoon sea breezes.


Cloud clearing and becoming fine in the afternoon. Easterlies developing in the morning.

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Marine Coastal Forecasts - Portland

Marine Coastal Forecasts - Portland


Wednesday : Easterly 20 knots but southeast 30 knots north of Tolaga Bay. Becoming southeast 20 knots but northerly 20 knots in the north in the morning, then southwest 20 knots but northwest 15 knots in the north in the afternoon. Easing to variable 10 knots in the north in the evening. Rough sea in the north, easing. Southwest swell 2 metres, easing. Northeast swell 2 metres developing. Poor visibility in rain easing evening.


Outlook following 3 days: Thursday: Variable 10 knots but southwest 20 knots south of Tolaga Bay, becoming 25 knots north of East Cape in the morning. Becoming southerly 15 knots everywhere in the afternoon. Sea becoming rough in the north for a time. Moderate easterly swell, easing early. Friday: Southerly 10 knots. Saturday: Easterly 10 knots, rising to northeast 20 knots south of Mahia Peninsula early. Becoming northerly 15 knots but 25 knots in the south. Sea becoming rough.