Meet our journalists

Behind the Headlines with Liam Dann.

Throwing numbers at a page isn’t the way to get people to read a story. Liam Dann, Business Editor at Large for the NZ Herald explains the importance of making economics relatable to a person.

Behind the Headlines with Anna Leask.

Find out the motivation and consequences of crime, from Anna Leask, the Senior Police Reporter at the NZ Herald. Delve into the grey area, beyond the black and white of a story.

Behind the Headlines with Mike Scott.

Find out from Mike Scott, Video Editor at the NZ Herald on his passion for making a difference and capturing the emotion that creates the window behind the words.

Behind the Headlines with Rod Emmerson.

Step inside the world of Rod, our Editorial Cartoonist, as he talks about the influence of a cartoon, where to draw the line and putting pen to paper.

Behind the Headlines with Dylan Cleaver.

Hear from Dylan, our Sports Editor at Large, on the role of sports journalism today, where sport meets society and the importance of asking the right questions.

Behind the Headlines with Fran O’Sullivan.

Find out from Fran, our NZME Editorial Director – Business, her thoughts on business then and now, what is to come next year and on having strong media in business.

Behind the Headlines with Simon Wilson.

Gain insights from Simon; a Senior Writer at the NZ Herald, on how he makes sure what’s important is always engaging and the power of finding the “spinach” in a story.

Behind the Headlines with Audrey Young.

Get an insider’s perspective on the world of politics from Audrey, our Political Editor, on the two types of politicians and the power of analysing from the sidelines.