Lotto's Powerball jackpot could extend to as much as $50 million - and be on offer around the same time as the Rugby World Cup final.

The jackpot is up to $28m for tonight's draw - and Lotto spokeswoman Kirsten Robinson confirmed the maximum pot the jackpot could swell to was $50m.

However, a "Must-Be-Won" draw could be called by Lotto at any time.

"The jackpot available to be won in the next draw all depends on sales, but at this stage it's too early to say what sales will be and the effect this would have on future jackpots."


In the past week, the Powerball jackpot has increased $3m with each new draw, from $22m last Wednesday, $25m on Saturday and $28m tonight.

If it continues to jackpot at that rate, the draw on Rugby World Cup final night - Saturday, November 2 - will be around $49m.

Since last week the Powerball jackpot has inflated $5 million to a staggering total of $28m which could be won by a lucky punter tonight.

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However, the odds of purchasing the winning ticket are one in 38 million.

You have a higher chance of being born with extra fingers or toes, or nailing a hole-in-one on a par 3 at the golf course.

You're even more likely to be struck by lightning (one in 280,000), eaten by a shark (one in 3,700,000) or killed in a car crash on your way home (one in 11,000).

But don't let the horrible odds get you down because the Herald can reveal Lotto's six most frequently drawn numbers.


In order of frequency, the luckiest numbers are 1, 7, 19, 22, 18 and 13.

You have to be in to win, Lotto spokeswoman Kirsten Robinson says.

Previously, the single largest Powerball win was for $44m by a young couple from the Hibiscus Coast.

Asked whether chances were better for players on Saturday or Wednesday draws, Robinson said the odds remained the same.

"Each line of numbers has exactly the same chance of winning, regardless of whether it is a Dip of random numbers or a player's own numbers.

The odds of winning Powerball aren't great ... but you could be the lucky customer. Photo / Supplied
The odds of winning Powerball aren't great ... but you could be the lucky customer. Photo / Supplied

"Many players prefer to play random numbers, with around 70 per cent of all tickets sold being Dips."


In the history of Powerball, only four players have won a prize of more than $28m.

This year, 31 Kiwis became overnight millionaires after winning with Lotto's games, including 12 who have won big with Powerball.

And in total, 906 Kiwis had become overnight millionaires with Lotto since it was established way back in 1987.

It was too early to say how sales had been for tonight's draw, Robinson said, but there had certainly been plenty of interest throughout the nation.

Meanwhile, the luckiest Lotto store in the country is held by Hastings' Unichem Stortford Lodge Pharmacy.

It has sold 49 winning First Division tickets over the years - including an $11m win in March.


Store manager Carole Ormond says people definitely know it's a lucky store and go out their way to buy tickets there.