A bitter dispute between an estranged married couple lies behind gang members terrifying residents in an upmarket Grey Lynn housing complex.

The dispute involves multiple properties owned in the wife's name and a claim by the husband of having provided $4 million to his wife.

A Mongrel Mob member moved into a unit at Summerfield Villas after the husband tried to sell it. Each party blames the other for the presence of the gang member.

Three-bedroom apartments have been selling for more than $1 million in the 93-unit development which features an oasis-like swimming pool fringed by palm trees.


Several residents last month said that police had been called as a result of the behaviour and alleged crimes which they believe are being committed by Mongrel Mob members.

One woman said she was trying to be released from her tenancy agreement because she no longer felt safe.

The body corporate called in lawyers as it juggled residents' safety and complaints with the rights of the mob tenant.

A Tenancy Tribunal hearing about the issue is understood to have been adjourned earlier this week.

However, the gang member was in the process of moving out yesterday. He said he was paid to leave.

The Weekend Herald can reveal that the gang member moved into a unit after the husband, Yu Hao, 34, tried to sell it at auction in February under a property relationship agreement.

The auction did not go ahead.

Hao and his estranged wife, Jing Xia, 37, have blamed each other for the gang presence.


The gang member moved in sometime after the stalled auction and before April when the real estate agency selling the property withdrew it from its listings citing staff safety.

A manager of the real estate agency said in an email to Hao's lawyer, that a staff member had been "so distressed by the commotion from the unit and the number of cars coming and going that they had reported it to the police as they thought they were dealing drugs".

The Mongrel Mob member who moved into Summerfield Villas moved out yesterday. Photo / Hawke's Bay Today
The Mongrel Mob member who moved into Summerfield Villas moved out yesterday. Photo / Hawke's Bay Today

Xia is listed as the sole owner of the unit and two others in the complex but Hao has filed a notice of claim against the titles.

Hao claims to have transferred more than $4.1 million into the control of Xia since they married in April 2016 after they met on a dating site.

He claims to have made multiple transfers beginning the month after they married and ending in June 2018.

After they married, he returned to work in Beijing as an IT manager before moving to New Zealand to join Xia in February 2018.

He said the money was his savings and some he had borrowed from friends in China.

Hao said he had complained to the police but was told it was a civil matter.

Bankruptcy records show that Xia was adjudicated bankrupt in October 2014 and the order was annulled two years later.

In May, finance company Cressida Capital One Ltd appointed receivers to all of Xia's present and future property under a "General Security Agreement". Cressida provided finance for two of Xia's Summerfield properties.

Xia came to New Zealand about 2001 as a student to study English. In 2009 she was granted permanent residency as the partner of a New Zealand resident she has since separated from.

Hao has applied for residency as Xia's husband but he said he currently has a student visa.

Falling Out:

October, 2014: Jing Xia adjudicated bankrupt.

2015/2016 summer: Xia and Hao meet online.

April 2016: Xia and Hao marry in Auckland registry office.

May 2016 - June 2018: Hao claims he transferred a total of $4.1 million to Xia and her relatives over two-year period.

September 2016: Xia's bankruptcy annulled.

March - May 2018: Xia buys three units at Summerfield Villas.

April 2019: Real estate agency withdraws Unit 3 from sale due to presence of gang members.

May 2019: Finance company Cressida Capital One Ltd appoints receivers to Xia's present and future property.

Monday: Tenancy Tribunal adjourns complaint regarding Unit 3.

Friday: Gang member moves out, says he was paid to go.