A ghost hunter who made phone calls to Virgin airline workers then abused, demeaned and threatened them over the phone was deemed too fat for jail.

Paranormal investigator Kade Jones told the Brisbane District Court he was in too much pain to stand in court to plead guilty to two counts of using a carriage service to harass, AAP reported.

The court heard he abused and threatened staff at the airline in June 2017, leaving them feeling scared, belittled, upset and degraded.

Jones refused to identify himself on the call, but proceeded to threaten staff with legal action, made racial slurs and refused to believe he was talking to someone based in Brisbane.


AAP reported Jones had already been placed on a watch list with the airline, which banned him from flying with them in 2010 after he made a number of calls to the company.

Jones also had been convicted of similar offences on three other occasions dating back to 1998.

Jones' lawyer Rob Glenday told the court prison would be too difficult for his client, who suffered a serious back injury in 2004, due to his complicated obesity, AAP reported.

Judge Vicki Loury slammed Jones's actions as offensive, threatening and racist.

She said Jones had shown no contrition and provided no explanation for abusing the airline staff.

She sentenced him to 12 months' prison, but then ordered he be released on a $2000 good behaviour recognisance for five years.

Judge Loury said if he harassed people over the phone again he would be sent behind bars regardless of his weight.