I'm all for our next generation graduating from university but why do they need to have their graduation walk through Queen St? Newsflash, in the real world after tertiary study you will face heavy traffic in the CBD area. The world doesn't stop for you, nor should our traffic!

- Greg

I phoned ADT Security mid-morning to inquire about upgrading my medical alarm. The operator explained my options and I requested an upgrade. An hour later their technician phoned to arrange a suitable time then by mid-afternoon the new unit (which is wonderful) was installed and operating. That was wonderful service. Thanks ADT.


- Spencer

We have these new fancy trains and most of them are now plastered with graffiti. What a shame! I know graffiti will not disappear overnight but surely there should be something we can do? Our awesome Maori wardens can't do everything on the trains.

- Heath

A huge rave for an honest person in Glen Innes on Saturday May 14, and the staff at Nosh. My husband dropped his wallet in the car park and an extremely kind person handed it into Nosh. He is so grateful he doesn't have to go through the hassle of getting new cards. Thank you.

- Su

I hope the couple who let their two large dogs (one a rottweiler) off their leads on Sunday afternoon on Orewa Beach have learned their lesson. It was a most unpleasant experience seeing the rottweiler torment a horse and rider who were also on the beach. To the owners of the dogs - stay away from our lovely beach.

- Katherine

Sam Woo in Otahuhu, first time eating there. We heard through word of mouth and it was yummy. We love Vietnamese food and Sam Woo offers great food with great portions. Don't be misled by the location too, it's well worth it.

- The Johnstons
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