The outfit David Seymour wore in his infamous twerking routine on Dancing with the Stars has sold for more than $1200.

The Act MP listed his outfit on Trade Me to raise more money for Kidsline after he failed to make it through to the final round of the reality television show.

Auckland retiree Wayne Leech paid $1240 for the outfit, which included head and wristbands custom-sequined by the Dancing with the Stars wardrobe team, fluoro yellow singlet, black bike shorts, pink running shorts, also custom-sequined, calf-high athletic socks and sparkly sneakers.

Leech said he was thrilled to be able to support Kidsline and said the outfit was "special".


"Why? Because we all laughed at it, while secretly identifying with David's unco efforts, wondering if we could have done any better ourselves. We love a trier, even more than the gifted," he said.

"We love try-anything Kiwis looking for some fun and a bit of exercise. David lost weight and got fit, while we sat on the couch watching."

Leech said he didn't want the twerking items but might get them framed for posterity.

"But if there is ever a DWTS Hall of Fame, they certainly belong there. David will be remembered long after all the glitz and glam is gone."

He said he had wanted to support Seymour's efforts and Kidsline by bidding for the outfit.

"I think the charity itself is really worthy," he said.

Seymour also offered to throw in some free twerking lessons for the winner and while Leech wasn't keen on that he may take the MP up on the offer to personally deliver it.

The Trade Me listing attracted its share of attention for the tongue-in-cheek description.


"This is where you could benefit by acquiring your very own authentic twerk suit. The suit not only brings back Richard Simmons' 1980s in glorious fluoro colour, it allows the flexibility of movement that a true twerk requires. Sequins, strategically placed on the waistband, ensure your twerking action, far from unnoticed, will be accentuated to perfection," the listing read.

"This twerk suit is truly powerful. It saw off the nation's adorable mother Suzy Cato. New Zealand's biggest and most serious newspaper, the Herald, ran a picture of it for seven days in a row. You are potentially purchasing the most powerful power suit in Aotearoa."