ZM's new Drive Show hosts have already had the seal of approval from their new workmates, Fletch, Vaughan and Megan.

Bree Tomasel and Clint Roberts have today been confirmed as ZM's new hosts, taking over the Drive Show from July 2.

"We are excited to introduce Bree and Clint to the ZM audience, said Fletch, Vaughan and Megan in a statement.

"Every time we've had Bree on for a chat or talked about one of her videos, listeners have been texting in telling us to give her her own show.


"We've worked with Clint before too, so we know how hard he works, and we know he and Bree will put together a great show every day."

Tomasel, from Queensland, has come from several years of radio host duties in Australia,
and is a social media star with 26,000 Instagram followers - including Channing Tatum.

She also once posed as a member of Gloriavale.

Roberts, from Rotorua, lives in West Auckland and has worked at The Edge and George FM.

Ross Flahive, Content Director for ZM, is looking forward to getting them on air.

"Bree and Clint are both incredibly talented in their own rights, and make for great radio when they're together," he said.

They replace the current Drive Show, hosted by Jase and PJ from Australia. They're staying with ZM.

Jase and PJ will be staying with ZM, and details of their new show will be announced shortly.


Tomasel and Roberts' first day on air is July 2.