Warning: Contains distressing content that may be triggering for some people.

A former model has come forward as one of Jeffrey Epstein rape survivors, and says the paedophile was abusing girls right up until he died, leaving behind a "second wave" of younger victims who are too afraid to speak.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Marie, who is now 22, says Epstein took her virginity when she was 17.

She says she was raped and molested during two visits to Epstein's mansion in New York in 2015.


"I believe he was abusing young girls right up until the day he was arrested," she told the Daily Mail.

"There are likely to be multiple young victims out there who are still in their teens, perhaps still living with their parents and too ashamed and confused to speak out."

"I know how it feels because I was one of them," she said, adding she attempted suicide over what happened.

"These girls need support before it's too late. They need to know it's okay to tell their stories."

Marie says she felt comfortable enough to contact the FBI and NYPD after Epstein's arrest.

However, she still lives in fear Epstein's powerful friends and accomplices will find her.

Marie was an aspiring out one night in 2014 when she met a woman in her 30s called Madison.

"Madison was everything I wanted to be, beautiful, confident, she knew everyone and everyone loved her," she recalled.


Madison mentioned an older, wealthy friend of hers who could introduce Marie to everyone worth knowing in the fashion industry.

"She said her friend Jeffrey was very rich and he sometimes takes a liking to people and he helps them," she said.

A young woman called Marie is the latest victim to speak up against paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Photo / Getty Images
A young woman called Marie is the latest victim to speak up against paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Photo / Getty Images

"She didn't mention money or sex. In hindsight it seems too good to be true. But her words were so alluring. It was like feeding candy to a baby."

Marie ended up meeting Epstein for lunch the following day.

"He was as charming as can be. He anticipated my questions, he knew exactly what to say," Marie told the Daily Mail. "I was enchanted. It's like he put a spell on me."

She agreed to finish the conversation in Epstein's Upper East Side home.


"He asked me how old I was, I told him I was 16 and he said I looked much younger," she recalled.

"He then took me on a tour and I started to get scared thinking I wouldn't be able to remember the way out.

"I felt like every hallway was a maze and every room, a room of horrors."

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She also said she remembers seeing older men and young women sitting drinking champagne and chatting in the lounge area.

When they got to a dimly lit room of the house, she says Epstein began touching her inappropriately.

He reportedly told her it was routine for young models to do "favours" for older men in the fashion industry.


"He said something in Latin, along the lines of quid pro quo. I asked what it meant and he said, 'you suck mine, I'll suck yours'," she said. "He laughed like an evil wicked little laugh."

He ended up allowing her to leave, shocked and confused.

In the summer of 2015, Madison invited her to a fashion party in Manhattan. That's when she ended up at Epstein's mansion again.

The former model says Epstein ordered her to sit on a wooden, cushioned massage table before raping her.

"I had my eyes shut. It felt like forever. It was extraordinarily painful,' she recalled.

"I scratched him, I asked him to please stop. He didn't stop until he was finally done. Then he just got up and left.


"The weird thing is that I didn't leave straight away. I went back downstairs to where the other girls were.

"For some reason I kept expecting him to come and apologise, I was very young and naive, and of course he didn't," she added.

"I felt broken. It was horrible, just horrible. I lost my virginity to him."

Marie says "there's no reason to believe he ever stopped".

"Abuse was second nature to him. He didn't stop the first time he got arrested in Florida, in fact he realised, oh hey, I can get away with this. I'm invincible, I'm untouchable."

"Most of the victims we hear about are in their 30s and 40s. It's been incredibly hard on them but many of them are married, they have spouses, they have pulled their lives together.

Multimedia artist Katelyn Kopenhaver, right, with help from her brother Brent Kopenhaver, unfurls a banner reading
Multimedia artist Katelyn Kopenhaver, right, with help from her brother Brent Kopenhaver, unfurls a banner reading "[Jefferey] Epstein is the worst kind of virus," outside a federal court where a judge held a bail hearing by video for Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell earlier this month in New York. Photo / AP

"But for the second wave of victims, we are still young, it's still very fresh and we are still figuring things out. I saw other girls around my age, potentially younger. I'm sure he did some variation of what he did to me, to them.

"If nothing more, I want them to at least hear someone their age speaking out about this."

Marie says she still suffers from PTSD, suicidal thoughts and has recurring panic attacks.

She continues to live in fear and says sometimes doubts that Epstein is really dead.

"I don't believe he killed himself. It sounds creepy and messed up but myself and some of the victims, we would like to actually see the body," she told the Daily Mail.

"My worst nightmare is that he's still alive and out there somewhere. Maybe one day I'm going to see a red dot come through my window and I'll be shot in the head.


"These rich a**holes are ruthless enough to kill off all the victims. All of us are on edge, even now."

If you're in danger now:

• Phone the police on 111 or ask neighbours of friends to ring for you.

• Run outside and head for where there are other people.

• Scream for help so that your neighbours can hear you.

• Take the children with you.

• Don't stop to get anything else.


• If you are being abused, remember it's not your fault. Violence is never okay

Where to go for help or more information:

• Women's Refuge: Free national crisis line operates 24/7 - 0800 refuge or 0800 733 843 www.womensrefuge.org.nz

• Shine, free national helpline 9am- 11pm every day - 0508 744 633 www.2shine.org.nz

• It's Not Ok: Information line 0800 456 450 www.areyouok.org.nz

• Shakti: Providing specialist cultural services for African, Asian and middle eastern women and their children. Crisis line 24/7 0800 742 584

• Ministry of Justice: www.justice.govt.nz/family-justice/domestic-violence


• National Network of Stopping Violence: www.nnsvs.org.nz

• White Ribbon: Aiming to eliminate men's violence towards women, focusing this year on sexual violence and the issue of consent. www.whiteribbon.org.nz

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