If the idea of a wellness retreat feels about a million miles away right now, New Zealander Janine Hall might have the answer.

Hall, who owns two award-winning women's resorts in Bali, has created what she believes to be the world's first online retreat. Although her real-life retreats Escape Haven and The Palm Tree House have closed their doors for now, Hall has put together Escape @ Home - for anyone to experience five days of Bali magic, from home, and for free.

While a real-life visit to a Bali wellness retreat might include a morning yoga session, a healthy lunch and maybe a vigorous afternoon surfing lesson, a day in the virtual retreat is guided by similar philosophies of wellness. Participants can start each day with a refreshing morning ritual, perhaps followed by a workout, a nutritious lunch and a mindfulness practice. In response to current anxieties, Escape @ Home has a focus on mental clarity and resilience, and coping strategies for stress and worry.

Coursework will be delivered each morning by email, and will include readings, recipes, yoga flows, worksheets and workout videos.


Each day focuses on a different aspect of wellness - there are positivity, sleep, nutrition and movement themes, plus there's a community of participants on Facebook to connect with.

The first virtual five-day retreat began today, but it's not too late to join in - sign up at escapehaven.com/mini-escape