We might not be able to travel the world right now, but kitchens are becoming the next best place to bring the world to you.

South Australian icon Maggie Beer is giving people that very chance by offering online streaming cooking classes from her home in the Barossa Valley.

The acclaimed chef will share her cooking tips and tricks to try and bring joy to people around the world during the lockdown.

Beer says her kitchen is her happy place.


She says as the world goes through a tough time, she hopes the cooking classes will spark some joy and give people new ideas to get cooking.

And she's committed to the video series for however long Covid-19 keeps people inside. "Whether it's three months or six months, I will do it," she says. "It's the perfect opportunity to get everyone cooking, don't you think?"

The online tutorials will cover everything from full dishes, to tips on how to pick good produce. Beer will film one video per day, and tailor the content based on what her followers want to see.

That might include basics such as how to poach an egg perfectly, to what to cook with pantry basics such as chickpeas and lentils.

Beer says she is mostly self-sufficient at her home in the Barossa Valley, with a vegetable garden, and her own lamb and poultry.

The first class starts tonight on Instagram and Facebook at 6.30pm NZT.

She's not the first chef to offer online streaming cooking classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Italian grandmother 'Nonna Nerina' decided to shift her famous pasta making classes online, after Covid-19 forced Italy into lockdown.

Together... no matter what. To all the grandparents out there: you are our strength! To all the young people stuck in their house: this is the perfect moment to learn and practice. And if you don’t have a grandma next to you... you can have mine for a couple of hours!!! Book Nonna’s virtual cooking class and cook with her from your home!! 😝❤️👵🍝 www.nonnalive.com . . . . #virtualexperience #virtualcookingclass #onlinecookingschool #onlinecookingclass #onlinepastaclass #pasta #cook #nonnanerina #italy #food #foodlovers #pastalovers #nonnagoeslive

Posted by Handmade Pasta with Grandma on Monday, 16 March 2020

The 84-year-old started teaching her Airbnb guests how to make authentic pasta, passing down old family recipes and techniques, in the small town of Palombara Sabina north of Rome.

As no one can travel to Italy, she and her granddaughter then decided to bring Italy to the world in an online class called Nonna Live. A week before the class, a list of ingredients is sent out. The duo also offer wine suggestions for each meal.

What you'll cook depends on what day you attend, such as Fettuccine with tomato on Saturdays and Cannelloni on Sundays.