The Sussexes are out of Kensington Palace and the former royals have vowed to make an honest crust, but no one was expecting to see Meghan Markle giving flight safety demonstrations.

It is her, isn't it?

Sadly you'd be mistaken, but you're not alone. The American flight attendant says she is asked up to 10 times a day whether she's related to the former princess. Often Christine Mathis is asked by gobsmacked passengers if she 'is Meghan Markle'.

For the 32-year-old from New Jersey, these interactions have become a regular part of her life.


The Jet Blue attendant said she was aware of her famous doppelganger early on in her career, but the comparisons only became more frequent when Meghan developed her royal connections.

"A gentleman came up to me and said 'you look like that girl from Suits'," Mathis told the Metro UK. Though she now can't deny the resemblance, at first it was a mystery to her, having never seen the TV series. "I had to Google her," she said.

The number of comments only grew with the Duchess' fame.

"It got more intense when she met Harry," the attendant told the Metro. "It's now everywhere I go."

"Being compared to someone who is super famous on a daily basis is something I endure quite often. It's quite flattering to say the least and can be overwhelming. I never said I look exactly like her but I can see the resemblance," the attendant told her 1700 followers on Instagram.

"It's such a compliment. She's such a big inspiration for me. She's an actress as well."

The hostess is busy on social media and runs a YouTube channel showing the behind the scenes of life as a flight attendant. However, Mathis is not afraid to diversify: a recently launched instagram account for a "Professional Meghan Markle look-a-like" has begun linking to her videos.

Sadly Mathis might not be able to use this star resemblance as her way into Hollywood. Meghan is rumoured to be returning to the silver screen for an as yet undisclosed project for Disney.


If that doesn't work out I'm sure there's always room in the skies for another cabin crew member.

Many a Markle mak's a muckle

Meghan Markle look-alikes are not as uncommon as you'd think.

Kiwi expat Stephanie Murray enjoyed the attention during Meghan and Harry's Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2018. Murray, who lives in Canberra, is the spitting image of Her formerly RH. Talking to The Canberra Times, Murray said she had a lot of fun trying to find a Prince Harry look-alike for the occasion.