Let's be honest, most of us have taken items from a hotel.

Whether that be toiletries or towels, guests have a habit of helping themselves.

But a new survey has revealed a new worrying trend with guests stealing mattresses more often than anyone could guess, Fox News reported.

According to the survey, conducted by hotel and spa reviewer Wellness Heaven, large items at five-star hotels are more likely to go missing than smaller, easier-to-conceal items.


The survey questioned 634 four-star hotels and 523 five-star hotels located mostly in Europe.

Wellness Heaven spoke with most of the hotel owners, with some revealing how guests manage to steal a mattress.

Guests will most likely attempt to take the mattress at night when the reception desk isn't open according to their findings.

The survey also revealed the items guests would attempt to steal varied based on the quality of the hotel.

Five-star hotels saw televisions and coffee machines disappear, while four-star ones found remotes and batteries were common items to be taken.

Bathrobes and hangers are also commonly stolen.