It's a pastime on holidays that most of us have done at one time or another. Sitting by the beach, preferably with a drink in hand, and watching the waves roll by.

But this couple enjoying the view from their Dominican Republic resort were caught a little off guard when they were battered and swallowed by a freak giant wave.

Filmed by a bystander, known as jochen.o.frank on social media, the couple were lucky to escape unharmed when the wave crashed into the unsuspecting pair, reports

They were completely swallowed by the giant wave before scrambling to their feet before the next one arrived.


The video has received almost 30,000 views since being posted on Monday.

"This is amazing," one person wrote. "I just can't believe this."

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Others congratulated the man involved in the video who managed to save his beer from spilling during the ordeal.

"Love the priorities here," one wrote. "Beer save of the year!"

It's not the first time a freak wave has caught an unsuspecting tourist off guard.

Last week, a tourist visiting the idyllic coastline of Cabos in Mexico was left red-faced trying to get the perfect beach snap for her social media fans.

The woman was knocked down by a freak wave while in Mexico. Photo / Supplied
The woman was knocked down by a freak wave while in Mexico. Photo / Supplied

Nicole Joanna, from Boston in the US, was standing by a rock face at Lovers Beach in Cabos San Lucas when she was caught by surprise when a wave surged up the beach and knocked her to the sand.

The blonde tourist is seen bracing for impact, screaming 'Oh My God' before being knocked to the ground and the video cutting out.


Nicole, who has 1500 followers on Instagram, has received more than 35,000 views of the epic fail since uploading it to social media.