A Jetstar passenger has opened up about her stinky experience with the airline after a staff member told her to put her baby's dirty nappy at her feet until the flight ended.

On a flight from Auckland to Palmerston North, Komal Shah says she was changing her 17-month-old baby in the plane's bathroom's when she couldn't find a rubbish bin to dispose of the dirty item.

Instead, she placed it in the corner of the bathroom as a consideration to passengers and to stop it being stepped on.

But upon returning to her seat a flight attendant allegedly yelled at the passenger, telling her off for changing her son on the flight and demanded she put the smelly nappy at her feet for the duration of the flight.


Shah explained she has no control over her son's decision to go to the toilet and didn't want to stink out the cabin by leaving it at her feet.

The Auckland resident refused to retrieve the nappy until the end of the flight and said the flight attendant humiliated her in front of all the passengers.

"I could just see all their eyes on me and I felt really hot. I was just trying to hold back tears," she told Stuff.

Despite a further altercation with a flight attendant after landing, the captain came out and apologised for the staff member's behaviour.

A Jetstar spokesperson has since apologised for Shah's embarrassment and said parents on all flights are allowed to change nappies and rubbish bins should be provided in all toilets.