Broadway, bagels and buildings; New York is iconic for several things but vast green spaces is certainly not one of them. So, once you've taken in a show, eaten your weight in cream cheese bagels and gallery-hopped 'til you dropped, getaway to Beacon for the day.

Get there

It's said half the fun of a day trip to Beacon lies in simply getting to this picturesque little town. The Metro-North train ride from Grand Central Station is a 90-minute journey that hugs the Hudson River as it cuts north through places like Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Montrose. Insider tip? Grab a window seat on the left side of the train for the best views.

Go for a wander


Whether you're an avid hiker or consider climbing stairs an achievement, a stroll through Mount Beacon Park is a must. The trails may be steep, but the summit is more than worth the sweaty two hour round trip, treating you to sweeping views of Beacon, the neighbouring city of Newburgh and Catskills in the distance. Not fussed with upward battles? Long Dock Park is packed with flat wooded paths.

Dia:Beacon gallery in Beacon, up-state New York. Photo / Bill Jacobson
Dia:Beacon gallery in Beacon, up-state New York. Photo / Bill Jacobson

Don't miss this

Beacon may have a humble population of 14,000 to New York's 8.6 million, but there is nothing small-town about the city's number one attraction, the Dia:Beacon gallery. Built-in 2003, Dia:Beacon's 300,000sq m of space makes it the exclusive home to several works simply too big for conventional museums.

Dia:Beacon gallery in Beacon, up-state New York. Photo / Bill Jacobson
Dia:Beacon gallery in Beacon, up-state New York. Photo / Bill Jacobson

Give it a go

Feeling creatively inspired by your gallery visit? Then head to Hudson Beach Glass, where you can use recycled glass collected from the city's riverbank to create your very own masterpiece in one of their glass blowing classes. Lessons range from 15 minutes to two hours, your ornaments can be shipped back to the Big Apple or collected the following day.

Spend up here

Can't walk past a thrift shop, vintage store or flea market without having a peek inside? Then prepare to set aside the day to explore Beacon's throng of second-hand boutiques. Check out American Gypsy Vintage for pristine vintage threads, Darkside Records for old school vinyl or Blackbird Attic for retro pre-loved clothes and knick-knacks.

Cheers here


After working up a thirst, there is no better spot for a drink than Denning's Point Distillery. Just shy of 6 years old, the distillery's artisanal spirits have already won several prestigious awards across America. See what all the fuss is about and sample three of their spirits for $7 or try Denning's take on your go-to drink while the expert staff tell you how it's made from grain to glass.

Dine here

Beacon may be on the smaller side but you're spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. But if you're a sucker for charming boutique hotels, sweeping city views and fine dining using local fare, then The Roundhouse is your go-to. Situated in a repurposed industrial building, the restaurant's award-winning menu, top-notch bar and picturesque views make a visit and reservation essential.