These cans.. Can't.

Plans to sell a polygamy-themed beer have been canned in the American state of North Carolina.

The Polygamy Porter will not be stocked on the Old North State's shelves because "it represents something illegal".

"I'd buy the beer can just because its illegal" said a NZ Herald employee who will remain nameless.


"We should get some in for [Herald craft beer expert] Vera."

And just like that, a black market is born.

The objectionable beer is made by the Utah-based Wasatch Brewery and is sold in at least 20 other states. However, the canned ale decorated with rapturous lovers (the three people's "cans" tastefully obscured) has fallen afoul of the conservative state's drinks commission.

In a statement to Fox News, the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission outlined their objection saying:

"The NC ABC always gives thoughtful consideration to each label and uses the criteria outlined in the statutes as the basis for every rejection or approval."

The label in question was found to be "representing something illegal is undignified and in bad taste."

Polygamy - the practice of entering into multiple marriages – is illegal not just in North Carolina, but banned in the whole of America under federal law.

According to North Carolina-based family law firmWelch and Avery the State treats polygamy as a "Class I Felony".


Wasatch Brewery said it will be challenging the decision on August 14.

If the beer is found to promote unlawful acts, this case might set a precedent to dissuade other craft beers from setting up in North Carolina. One wonders, what would the NC ABC make of Cannibal Craft Beer?

The brewers of the outlawed beer were shocked by the rejection letter.

"It caught us quite by surprise, we were not expecting it especially because we've been making this beer now for 18 years," Wasatch Brewery brewmaster Jon Lee told Fox News.
"Of any places that you'd think we'd have trouble with, it would be here in our home state, but no it just sails right on through."

On the brewery website the Polygamy Porter is described as "smooth, chocolatey, easy-drinkin' brown porter that's more than a little bit naughty."

However, it might be too "naughty" for North Carolina.