A diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is gaining international attention for one of its menu options that makes a sly reference to partners who "steal" food.

On the menu there is a deal called "My girlfriend is not hungry."

Underneath it reads, "Add extra French fries to your entrée and fried chicken wings or fried cheese sticks."

Mama D's isn't the only restaurant to offer such a deal. Restaurants in Oregon and New York will double your fries. Tangled Hickory in Wisconsin will double your fries and add extra onion rings. One Night Stan's in Calgary will double your fries and add three honey biscuits, reports Eater. The Tipsy Coyote in Scottsdale, Arizona has gone even further and named their entire salad menu "My Girlfriend's Not Hungry."


EDIT: Sooooo I didn’t expect this to reach so many people. With that being said I would like to say where it come from....

Posted by Nick Chisler on Friday, 28 June 2019

Some claimed that it isn't just women who pick at their significant others' food, "More like my 'boyfriend' isn't hungry."

Many people tagged their partners in the viral post. Others blasted the idea, describing it as as sexist and one-sided.