Tejas Lamb flies from Washington DC to Orlando with American Airlines.

The plane:

Airbus A320-232.

Class: Economy.


Flight time: 2h 30m.

My seat: 26A

Passengers: Mostly Americans heading down to Florida for a long weekend holiday for Columbus Day.

How full: 100 per cent full.

Entertainment: No entertainment on the aircraft.

The service: Staff were surly and disinterested. I overheard one staff-member scolding a mother with a young son about collecting some rubbish.

Food: Since it was only a domestic, 2.5hr flight only a small snack of pretzels and a non-alcoholic drink were served.

Toilets: Small and not at all clean.


Luggage: Two bags free.

Airport Experience: Reagan International was clean and tidy and the security process was very simple with the TSA Pre-Check open in every lane. This made it a very quick security check for a US airport.

The actual seat: There was a surprisingly big amount of legroom for an Economy seat at the back of the aircraft. Since it was at the very back of the plane, there was limited recline but that didn't really matter on such a short flight

Would I fly again: Yes, but hopefully with nicer staff next time.