Sharon Martin flies Singapore Airlines flight SQ52 going from Singapore to Manchester.

The plane:

A 350-900 with 253 seats in three classes.

Class: Premium Economy.


Flight time: 13hr 45m. We took off on time and landed 30 minutes early.

My seat: 32D aisle. There are 24 seats in Premium Economy. Comfortable but cramped. Two handy pockets on the back of the seat in front.

Price: Return tickets in Premium Economy from Auckland to Manchester are on sale until March 31, from $4975.

How full: Almost.

Entertainment: Fantastic, with 600 movies available in a number of languages as well as TV series, music, library and games. Sound quality excellent. Large screen. Able to charge devices.

The service: Excellent, lots of staff. Water offered frequently throughout the flight.

Food and drink: Same food as in Economy, served all at once on plastic with a very small shallow cup for the hot beverage. Three menu choices for mains for both dinner and breakfast, two choices offered in Economy. Singapore's bespoke Book the Cook service is available in Premium Economy (if you book 24 hours in advance), which extends menu choices.

The toilets: Shared with Economy passengers, so there were queues at times. Clean and spacious.


Luggage: 1 x 7kg hand luggage and 2 x 23kg bags.

The airport experience: Fast and efficient at both Changi and Manchester. Good fitness workout prior to departure with the distance to the departure gate. Many shops were closed with the 2.25am departure time.

The bottom line: I feel I get value for money with Air New Zealand Premium Economy but less so with Singapore Airlines. Many of the Premium Economy features are the same as for Economy passengers, including the gift pack of socks and a toothbrush.