Coast Breakfast host Bernadine Oliver-Kerby flies aboard Hawaiian Airlines flight HA445, going from Honolulu to Auckland.

The plane:

Airbus A330.

Seat: I was in 12E, an Extra Comfort seat. For $175 more, the extra legroom was worth every cent.


Fellow passengers: A huge range. Several families plus couples young and old, all tanned and relaxed.

How full: No vacancy.

Entertainment: I broke a record for movie-watching on this flight, with our travel timed to coincide with new releases. Three new flicks, which have been on my must-watch list, now happily ticked off.

Food and drink: A hot meal was served not long after our 2.55pm departure. Love that the kids are served first. The drinks trolley performed a couple of laps of the cabin during the service. Close to arrival a snack pack of sandwiches and a sweet treat was offered. A complimentary walk-up snack bar is available throughout the flight.

Luggage: Two bags at a massive 32kg just can't be beat.

Service: You're welcomed on board with Hawaiian music playing and smiling staff providing the meet-you-and-seat-you. Great if you're about to start your holiday but makes it so much harder to get on the plane to leave when the holiday is over.

The airport experience: Check-in was a breeze in Honolulu with several kiosks available at Hawaiian Airlines for self check-in, far quicker than lining up with the masses. Tip, go early, it can get ridiculously busy.