Lonely Planet's Ultimate Eatlist ranks the world's top 500 food experiences, with Kaikoura's famous crayfish making an appearance at #7. Here, Kiwi chef Monica Galetti gives her own personal top 5.

1 Chili Crab with Dumplings, Singapore

It's a street food. The first time I had it was about five years ago and I've had it every time I've been back.

2 Shuwa, Oman
The day before, they buy a goat in this 1000-year-old market, rub the meat in a mix of cumin and fennel, wrap it in tin foil, and cook it underground in a huge fire pit.


3 Ceviche, Pacific Islands
It's actually just called raw fish where I'm from. It's different from Latin ceviche in that we use coconut milk for the marinade, as well as a bit of lime, tomato and cucumber.

4 Hokey Pokey Icecream, New Zealand
It's a delicious vanilla-based icecream with caramel chunks, but I now have it
at my restaurant because it reminds me
of home.

5 Lemon Drizzle and Steamed Orange Pudding, My friend Prat's House
Not many people are brave enough to cook for me, but my friends Prat and Sean make these amazing desserts.

New Zealand-Samoan chef Monica Galetti is a veteran judge on the BBC's MasterChef: The Professionals. She also spent years as sous chef at world renowned La Gavroche and has recently opened Mere in London.


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