Barkers menswear personal stylist Justin Atiga offers travel tips for sharp-dressed men.

1 Start from the bottom

Opt for comfortable street shoes like a pair of simple sneakers.
If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, walking and queuing are inevitable. Keep your feet happy.

2 Dark stretch jeans


They're extremely versatile in that they can be worn casually during the day, then dressed up for dinner that evening. Also they will hide any food spillage or stains, so you can get away with a spot-clean if there's no time for washing.

3 Plan ahead

While you're packing, choose your outfit for each day ahead. It may seem like admin at the time, but it'll mean you can wake up and go when you're at your destination. Go for pieces that can be worn with the same shoes to keep your baggage light and decisions focused on activities and food.

Check the weather and always take an extra layer … just in case.

4 Keep accessories to a minimum

One pair of casual shoes. One pair of formal shoes. One belt and a pair of sunglasses. Less is more.

5 Long haul flight? Don't just grin and bear it.

Make the most of the situation and get comfy. Bring a set of loungewear to change into once the lights are dimmed. Comfort is key.