Plumber turned travel adventurer, Logan Dodds has stayed closer to home in his latest envy-inducing video.

Along with photographer Lola Gosling, Logan spent a week exploring the South Island and filmed the experience on the new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Like many Kiwis from the North Island, Logan had previously neglected the South Island, not visiting until he was 24 - but he's since made up for it, visiting approximately five or six times. Below he shares some of the best hidden gems that the South Island has to offer.

Lake Erskin

Logan Dodds at Lake Erskin. Photo / Supplied
Logan Dodds at Lake Erskin. Photo / Supplied

High up in the mountains on the road to Milford Sound, this crystal blue lake is only accessible by helicopter. The was the most insane landscape I have ever seen. The lake is stunning and completely surrounded by big snow-capped crazy big mountains - definitely one for the bucket list!


Paradise, Glenorchy

Despite being the backdrop to numerous films, this is often a spot in the south that is missed and nothing can prepare you for seeing it in real life. The views are so vast. Huge snow-capped mountain landscapes, numerous river crossings and all round epic scenes.

Lake Matheson, Westland National Park

Lake Matheson. Photo / Supplied
Lake Matheson. Photo / Supplied

It's easy to drive past Lake Matheson without realising the pure beauty of this place. If conditions are just right, you'll witness one of the best sunsets you'll potentially ever see. Have a peek at the lake in the video I recently did with Samsung, the dual aperture works wonders in the low light. With the super still lake reflecting the awesome scenery and Mount Cook in the background, this one is definitely a hidden gem not to miss.

Mount Cook / Lake Tasman

Logan Dodds at Mount Cook Tasman Lake. Photo / Supplied
Logan Dodds at Mount Cook Tasman Lake. Photo / Supplied

I'm incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to travel like I do and I'm often asked about my favourite places and experiences. This is certainly one of them. Waking up at 5am and missioning to make sunrise at this insane spot would have to be right up there with one of the best moments of my life. Having this playground as our backyard is pretty insane. Something I will never take for granted.

Roys Peak, Wanaka

Hardly a secret but I know plenty of people who are put off by hike to the top. Don't be. There is a reason it appears in so many Instagram feeds, the 360 views of Wanaka are incredible and this completely blew my mind. Take plenty of water, some decent walking shoes and get on with it.

Music credit: 'Citylights' by Max Elto