Travellers, breathe a sigh of relief – because according to Queer Eye's resident style expert, wearing your trackies on a flight is perfectly acceptable.

In a recent interview with Travel + Leisure, Tan France shared his personal travel style tips – and anyone who's watched the hit Netflix series will know that he's trustworthy.

When it comes to packing, Tan says he has a "keep it simple" philosophy – and will even try and fit a week's worth of outfits in a carry-on bag, in order to avoid waiting at the carousel.

"Pack a light pair of jeans, a dark pair of jeans, and a short if you're going to the beach. Pack five different T-shirts, every color that you like. Pack a button-down shirt, just in case. And pack a suit, and then break that suit up and wear it a thousand different ways.


You can look chic AF in super plain stuff that you're rotating out and changing up."

While some swear by rolling up clothes to save space in a suitcase, Tan believes it's a misconception and prefers to fold.

"I start with my shoes — I usually pack two pairs if I'm going away for four or five days and I'll wear another one. I'll put them around [the walls of the suitcase] and it creates a kind of valley. I'll put my socks in my shoes to use the space wisely and I'll put all my underwear in the top flap because you can lay it out and not use much room.

"I fold, fill in that valley, and on top I put the things I need to make sure don't wrinkle."

And although you might expect the style guru to dress up for flights, he prefers to travel in comfort and thinks people who make too much effort are "insane".

However, for Tan, it's all about travelling in comfort without sacrificing style – and the item he packs for every trip is a stylish pair of comfortable sneakers.

"I think people expect me to go in a floral shirt and my boots that I'm always in. That's not the case.

"I want to look nice; I want to look stylish. But I will wear my most stylish sweats, sneakers, T-shirt, and hoodie."

So take note – sweatpants are acceptable, just make sure they're nice and clean.