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I'm wanting to head to Fiji with my 2-year-old daughter later in the year, and we want to know what the best resort option would be for younger children? Obviously lots have kids' clubs for the older age group but what would give us the best options if we wanted some child-free time by the pool?

Fiji is one of the best destinations to take young children. It's a country known for its love of kids and you and your daughter are sure to feel that while you're there. I'd say that no matter which resort you choose, you'll have no problems finding a babysitter and getting in some of that sweet poolside relaxation.

I've scoured our archives to find some of the resorts our writers with families enjoyed the most.


Greg Bruce and his three kids — between 6 months and 4 years old — had a great time recently at the Sheraton Denarau Villas on Denarau Island. The pool was a hit, as was were the lily ponds teeming with frogs.

"All we had to worry about, both at the restaurant and for the entirety of our stay, was getting the food that other people had prepared into our children's mouths," he wrote. If only parenting were always this easy."

The family also visited Malolo Island Resort — another oasis for frazzled parents.

"As we arrived at the table, our waiter Malika immediately picked Casper up as if he was her own. She told us she would look after him while we helped ourselves at the buffet.
"We didn't get him back again until we were finished eating. It felt like if we hadn't asked for him, he would have just been absorbed into the island.

"When I asked Malika why everybody there seemed to love babies so much, she said, 'Every baby is a blessing.'"

In the Mamanuca Islands, Mana Island Resort & Spa provided plenty of friendly babysitters for Adam Ray's 1-year-old twin boys. "As we stepped off the boat and wandered through the island resort, all the locals wanted to say hello to our kids," he wrote. "We were stopped by people wherever we went. We soon got used to it because Fijians are so child-friendly."

He found that some of the kids' club staff would also babysit for just $7 an hour.

At the Castaway resort, Stuart Condie enjoyed a Fiji Bitter in a hammock — knowing his 3-year-old daughter was happily occupied at the kids' club, which runs daily for 13 hours from 9am. A few other child-friendly resorts you could look into are Vomo Island Resort, Plantation Island Resort and Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Island Resort, which was dubbed "the finest family resort in the South Pacific" by Frommers.

I've yet to hear of a family having a bad experience in Fiji, In fact, it seems like the ideal destination for a young family's first trip away.

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