Fasitua Amosa directs Still Life With Chickens, which is part of the Auckland Arts Festival and Auckland Theatre Company's 25th anniversary season and tours in Palmerston North and Wellington.


Japan. I can see myself going back multiple times. Such a rich history, interesting culture and the food! So many different types of meals, not to mention snacks. Oh, the Japanese snack range is out of control. You can never get bored. Five nights in Tokyo and I almost felt local. Highlights included going to the Sumo wrestling at the sumo stadium in Ryogoku. There aren't too many Asians who make me feel small. Also the Kumano Kodo, an ancient Shinto-Buddhist pilgrimage in the Wakayama mountains was incredible.



All the misses I've had were less to do with the place, but more with people I've gone with or gone for. I once travelled with someone with such an overbearing personality that he was a nightmare. Whatever idea you had, his one was better, typically because he'd "done the research". Another time I travelled to Australia to follow a girl. Turns out she didn't think I'd follow through when she invited me and I was now indebted to her for letting me crash on her floor. Her exact words were "You owe me for this, big time".