Eleanor Barker flies aboard Latam's XL1413 from Guayaquil to the Galapagos islands.


Airbus 319.

Class: Economy.


Price: From US$450 return.

On time: XL1413 was perfectly on time, and boarding was no trouble.

Seat: A standard Economy seat with a coveted window view and the usual leg room.

Comfortable enough to doze a little; I thought the headrest's design was superior to those in the Boeing 737s.

Fellow passengers: I didn't pay my companions much mind until the eventful end of our journey. We had three tries at landing in high winds and the second was genuinely terrifying for a number of people on board. On the third go, as passengers sobbed, the determined pilot touched down to a huge round of applause. When we disembarked, the airport staff said our second landing attempt was one of the diciest they had ever seen.

Airport: Guayaquil Airport is modern and comfortable. The shops are a good distraction and the lounges well-equipped with power points and comfortable chairs.

Food and drink: I shelled out for a ham and cheese sandwich halfway through the flight and it was one of the best things I have ever eaten on a plane. Most drinks and all food cost extra on this flight, but it isn't hideously expensive.

Oddities: Latam flights have nice lighting, like a sunset.


Toilets: Well-kept.

Entertainment: BYO screen if you want to watch a movie show.

Luggage: I had check-in baggage and a fairly hefty carry-on, but no dramas there.

Service: Warm, the Latin American way. English is spoken by all of the crew.

Contact: latam.com
The bottom line: I would absolutely fly with Latam again; you're in good hands.