Breakers star DJ Newbill tells you how to see the best of his hometown, Philadelphia.

1 Go to a Philadelphia 76ers Game

Even thoughwe haven't been very competitive the past few years, it is still an exciting basketball atmosphere.

2 Go to a Philadelphia Eagles Game


Another exciting sports atmosphere where people are going crazy. The fans get really into the game and start yelling ridiculous things which makes it allthe more fun.

3 Take a walk down South St

It's the Philly version of Brooklyn,with a lot of independent boutiques, vintage stores and restaurants. It has one ofthe famous cheesesteak spots called Ishkabibble's and you can get a really great cheesesteak there. They have Fat Tuesdays so you can have a few drinks and hang out.

4 Visit King of Prussia Mall

You have to go toKing of Prussia mall. They have everything in there—Rolex store, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel— whatever you want. The food court is amazing. It's always crowded and you may even see a few famous people while you're there.

5 Come to my hood and hang with me and my friends

North Philly is where I was born and raised. In the summer time we do a basketball league for kids aged 17 and under. Me and my friends get together and just find kids in the neighbourhood and coach them.

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