David Gear flies Jetstar JQ228 from Christchurch to Auckland.

The plane:

Jetstar Airbus A320.

Class: Economy - we all were.


Price: My return ticket was $160.

Flight time: 1hr 25mins.

My seat: 16C, on the aisle.

Fellow passengers: It was a relatively early flight, leaving at 8.30am Monday but I didn't notice many business people. There was a mix of tourists and I sat next to an elderly American couple but there were also Asian, German and English passengers.

How full: 85 per cent, I could see a few empty seats.

Entertainment: My iPhone with podcasts.

The service: I slept most of the flight and they didn't wake me, which was appreciated.

Food and drink: A selection of sandwiches that could be pre-purchased online and then your usual choice of coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks.


Luggage: I travel light so I had only a carry-on bag.

The airport experience: Christchurch's new domestic terminal is a breeze to navigate and I got to my gate in less than five minutes, including security.

The bottomline: Cheap, fast, no hassles, all good.