Gia Garrick flies aboard Fiji Airways' FJ410 from Auckland to Nadi

The plane:

Airbus A330-200.

On time: The flight was on time, and despite an issue with my booking (not the fault of the airline) I'd arrived early to check-in and it was helpfully sorted out without any stress on my part. Had plenty of time to chill out, grab a coffee and a bite to eat and amble my way through to the departure gate.


Flight time: 3.5 hours, or just under.


My seat: I was in the middle row, aisle seat. My short legs make any seat comfortable enough, and this one had adequate room.

Fellow passengers: I was next to a South African-Kiwi dad and his two sons who were on a boys' trip to Fiji. Banter was good. The rest of the passengers appeared to be a mix of holiday-makers and expats heading home to see family.

How full: Around three-quarters full, but I was down the back so nearer the only empty seats.

Entertainment: In-seat touch screen video (although the touch was a bit sticky so I preferred to use the remote) and USB/socket power. A great selection of movies and TV series. There were games too but the flight wasn't long enough for me to delve into those.

The service: Very friendly. I'd learned to use "Bula" by the end of the short international flight.

Food and drink: The pasta for lunch was surprisingly good. I was less keen on the coconut log dessert.