One of the most memorable trips I've had was my family's first trip overseas skiing in Canada. So many incredible memories; S'mores on an open fire in the snow and being mistaken for a Brit on every chairlift. And the cinnamon buns! Something you
need to witness at least once in your life.

Travel in the snow can be a mission so you definitely need to allow plenty of time for conditions caused by the weather.

This was one of those trips where everything seemed to come together just perfectly. It made for the most amazing trip and the most incredible memories.


Queenstown is a beautiful place, but the first time I visited it was an absolute nightmare. There was a serious crosswind which made for an interesting descent to the airport. When we arrived, the rental car company mistook our booking and they didn't have a car big enough for us.


When we got to our accommodation, the beds hadn't been changed, there was old KFC in the fridge and the room stank of cigarettes.

But a holiday is what you make of it and when you're surrounded by such an incredible landscape you quickly forget the mouldy KFC and the missions to buy new sheets.

Cam Mansell is the host of ZM's Snapchart.