In Thailand last year we had such an amazing holiday — except for when we decided to visit Tiger Kingdom, a very popular tourist attraction where visitors can "interact with tigers". My family are big tiger fans, especially my 8-year-old, so we were very excited to see them up close.

After a long taxi ride, we were led to the ticket office and advised it was a one-hour wait and (what I thought) a very expensive ticket price for five minutes in a cage with a tiger. So we walked away to think about whether it was worth it and looked as far as we could into the cages where the tigers were. Very quickly we were horrified. The tigers all looked miserable, all of them kept in separate small cages. They were being yelled at constantly and hit with sticks if they were not sitting in the right place for a tourist photo. We quickly left, feeling sad for the way the tigers were being treated.

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