"Wellness" has become a buzz word of sorts, but depending who you say it to, it conjures up different things. To some, it brings to mind yoga poses and relaxation; to others, green smoothies and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Health has probably been on your mind over the last month. And today, the last day of the first month of the year, how are you feeling? Have you kept to your New Year's resolution to lose a few kilos and exercise more? Or are you grabbing the extra roll on your belly, wondering where it came from? (Clue: Possibly those daily pre-Christmas mince tarts and post-New Year hot chips).

While travelling it's easy to ditch your best health intentions. There's all that great food on offer, and lying by the pool reading a book feels so damned good. Why would you schlep to the gym when you could be drinking gin?

Last year I traded in my usual holiday slovenliness for a week of detoxing at Aro Ha, an award-winning wellness retreat in Glenorchy. After six days of exercising, fresh air and healthy eating, I came back to work with a glow, (a smug one, according to the Travel Editor, but whatever) and a new outlook on my health and wellbeing. I'm trying to make it last.


Of course, you don't necessarily need to pack your bags for a boot camp to get a wellness injection. A short break is often enough to reset the mind and refresh the body.

Hopefully you're feeling like a new person after a summer holiday. If not, there's always this Monday's Waitangi Day to give it another shot.