There are a few things on my wishlist for the year ahead.

1. To see New Zealand start a serious national conversation about the tourism industry, what we hope to get out of it and what we need to put into it. The travel trade is way too important to be left on autopilot.

2. For airlines and aircraft manufacturers to take radical steps on reducing the impact of their industries on the environment. New planes like the Dreamliner and the A350 are great and Air New Zealand has an admirable sustainability programme but the aviation industry is still fundamentally tethered to burning fossil fuels.

3. Not withstanding No. 2., above, I really want to go to some more of the amazing places that this job has opened up to me.


4. For someone to do something about improving the road access to Auckland Airport. I think the idea of a light-rail link to the CBD is fanciful, but a steady stream of really cheap buses could work once the Waterview Tunnel route is up and running. But they'll need improved bus lanes.

5. For more Kiwis to explore New Zealand. Have you done a Great Walk? Have you done one of the booming cycle trails? Well, hurry up then!

6. Related to No 5., I'd like to see more effort put into promoting New Zealand to New Zealanders. Great effort goes into marketing the South Island to Australians - how about luring Aucklanders down there with targeted deals?

7. Here's hoping small, local hospitality operators are quick to realise the opportunities cycle trails can bring for food and accommodation businesses.