Allowing ourselves to operate by only booking a flight to Malaga and a rental car, then proceeding to operate with swagger and devil-may-care. Luckily, with the current and ever-growing technological climate, we were able to maintain this disposition through our entire Spanish East Coast adventure. Booking Airbnbs while roulette style tapas-hopping and adjusting to a seemingly ever-mysterious opening hours system became part of the everyday. From the south all the way up to Barcelona the language, culture, food, drinks and the ways to consume all of the above were all so colourfully variant, and we were left with a little spice of aforementioned swagger to bring back as unmeasureable carry-on luggage.


Apparently it's not the best idea to walk the entire Alhambra castle, palace and residential annex over 4.5 hours in the humble jandal after driving for four hours to get there. I put my back out, and I'm too young for that. But on arrival at our next Airbnb, a finka (farmhouse) in the middle of nowhere, we discovered that the lone famer that lived there also had a fully kitted-out Physioterapia (guess). He fixed me for €20.


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