A southern California mother is outraged after she recently received a shocking email from popular travel site Expedia.com.

Cara Viramontes went to check the itinerary of a trip she booked on Expedia's website and she logged in last week to find an expletive written in bold text.

An employee with the company apparently left her a message: 'F*** You!'

Viramontes, who is a high school teacher and a coach, was also shocked to see that a New Year travel reservations he booked for her family was cancelled without her consent.


"I thought it was a joke," she told CBS LA. "No way this could have happened.

"Everyone I show, they laugh and think it's a joke. No one can believe a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this."

Prior to receiving the disheartening email, she explained that she first called the company and complained about being charged for travel insurance for her eight-month-old son.

The infant does not need an airline ticket and will sit on her lap during the flight, so she found it odd that she was additionally billed for him.

After the call ended, she took an online survey that Expedia sent to her about her call experience.

"I was honest," she said. 'I said, "You know what, the lady wasn't helpful. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor."

Viramontes said that two days after responding to the survey about the call, she received the email saying her trip was cancelled along with the rude language.

She quickly called Expedia's customer service and was told she was to blame for the canceled reservation.

Viramontes then sent the supervisor a screenshot of the "F*** You!" message that was at the top of her cancelled itinerary.

"It's clear as day what was written and I haven't received a response," she said. "Nothing."

The mother-of-one said on Tuesday that Expedia did not offer to compensate her for the $600 she paid for the plane tickets.

Viramontes said that a supervisor told her she would have to pay a $200 fee to book another flight.

In a statement to CBS LA, Expedia said: "We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents."

The company added they will re-book her flights and refund her money as well as provide a $500 voucher.