How do flight attendants hate us? Let us count the ways.

While it might seem like one of the best jobs in the world, being a flight attendant isn't all about glamour and free travel β€” thanks to the annoying passengers they have to pretend to like.

A recent study found that the most irritating passengers are more likely to be men who are infrequent flyers and describe themselves as "selfish".

Incidents of "air rage" are also on the rise β€” making things even more difficult for our friendly flight attendants.

After interviewing a range of these long-suffering heroes of the sky, Business Insider collated the resulting information into a list of all the ways we annoy them on a daily basis.


How do flight attendants hate us? Let us count the ways.
1. Hogging the overhead bins.

2. Not saying "hello" to the crew when boarding.

3. Giving the attendant trash while they're serving meals.

4. Putting their feet on walls or other passengers' seats.


Asking "What do you have?" (There's a menu).

6. Ignoring the safety announcement.

7. Not specifying how you take your coffee.


8. Not taking responsibility for your belongings.

9. Occupying the toilet when the plane has begun its descent.

10. Wearing headphones when speaking to the attendant.

11. Ringing the call button unnecessarily.

12. Poking attendants to get their attention.

13. Going to the toilet when the seatbelt sign is on.

14. Overreacting when a meal choice is unavailable

15. Acting entitled.

16. Going barefoot (especially when visiting the toilet).

17. Asking to borrow the attendant's pen.

18. Snapping your fingers to get attention.

19. Using the galley area to stretch.

20. Blaming attendants for mishaps beyond their control.

21. Expecting attendants to be as informed as the captain.

Keep these microaggressions in mind when you next fly and you might just find yourself being treated that much better than your seatmate.

A big bag of Duty Free chocolate for the crew never goes amiss either.