Andrew Parsons beds down in the only hotel on the Argentinian side of the famous Iguazu Falls.

Getting there:

As part of the trip, we were given a shared shuttle from Iguacu Airport to the hotel. The rest of the people were staying in hotels in Iguacu town, which is the opposite direction from the airport, but they'd put us all in together to show the others [all Kiwis] the hotel and its view of the falls!

Check-in: We arrived at 5pm. The entrance lobby was airy, with plain walls. Two-storey windows with a panorama of the Argentinian and Brazilian falls are all the space needed. The desk is at the back so you can check in while checking out the views. Once we'd checked in, our bags were taken up to the room and we were shown the computerised air con system.

Why stay here: This is the only hotel on the Argentinian side of the park — it's a three-storey concrete hotel that manages to be visible but not obtrusive when viewed from the Argentinian falls.


Room: No. 363 — third-floor "Sheraton Preferred Guest" level - at the front of the hotel overlooking the jungle. There are explicit instructions about keeping windows shut and not feeding animals as the coatis and monkeys have long, sharp claws and will happily raid the rooms. The room had two double beds and a TV, but no drink-making facilities (a shame). The tiled bathroom was nice and modern and had a reasonable-sized bath, deeper and longer than most hotel baths, meaning my 175cm frame could lie flat in it, which was nice as I'd torn a muscle earlier in the trip.

Food and drink: There is one restaurant that has either buffet, set menu or a la carte options. We had the set menu, which was very tasty with plenty of vegetables. The breakfast is a very large buffet. The restaurant overlooks the falls.

Price: From $600 per night.

Exercise: There is a massage/spa facility and a curved, open-air pool that is probably 50 metres in circumference, though the sun loungers face the hotel, rather than the falls. You can walk around the park along the paths easily, though you are not allowed out between 6pm and 8am because of the wildlife — there are jaguars and other large animals in the immediate vicinity.

Value for money: It's expensive, but definitely worth it — we looked at the hotels in Iguacu town when we were picked up on the Sunday and though they were nice, it didn't seem as if the town had anything to do, so staying next to the falls was worth it.

Perfect for: Basing yourself for trips to visit the falls.

Would I return? Yes.

Sheraton Iguazu is at Parque Nacional Iguazu, Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina. Phone: +54 3757 491 800.