Byron Bay has plenty to keep couples and families occupied.

When you think of Byron Bay and food, what comes to mind?

Health-conscious eating, stepping back into the past, blending the old with the new. There are some real bench-markers doing new things.

For a special night out, I take friends to:

The Smokehouse, open Fridays and Saturdays in Federal.


A great place for a cold beer is:

The Sun Bistro, just down the road from Elements of Byron. It's cheap and cheerful with good solid food, unpretentious service and, by the time you leave, you know everybody.

Byron's most romantic spot?

Around the fire pit at Elements of Byron at dusk with some small plates and our native produce-inspired cocktails.

A cool local label worth checking out is:

La Menta Aparrel, from an 18-year-old Byron Bay designer.

Name an invigorating local walk or run . . .

Minyon Falls.

If money was no object, I'd . . .

Build a boutique, luxury eco resort and restaurant where I live around Federal. The style and cuisine would reflect all the countries I have worked in.

If I'm here with the kids, what are three things I must do?

Visit the Crystal Castle, home of the world's two biggest crystals, beach time and horse riding with Zephyr Horses at Elements of Byron.

What's Bryon's best-kept secret?

Eltham Valley Pantry - it's in a beautiful setting, has lovely staff, and features the most delicious cakes. And a local cafe or restaurant you return to? Beach Byron Bay.

Name a great gallery or artist worth checking out?

Noel Hart's studio and gallery in Mullumbimby. We showcase his incredible glass works and paintings here at Elements of Byron.