Fan mail

Dear Sir,

You've hit the nail on the head today ['Hotels', May 24], Shandelle Battersby's review and commentary is great. It makes up for six slow-ho-hum reviews [in recent weeks]. With Shandelle Battersby writing a similar review and column every week you'll have me hooked and a whole lot of other Herald readers also. Well done, give her one of those bottles of champagne [a previous] reviewer nicked from the Langham. Keep this standard up.

Good wishes,


Alister Taylor

Russell, Bay of Islands

The Travel Editor responds: This is Shandelle's last week on the staff of Herald Travel. She's a star and it's been great working with her. Like many young Kiwis, she's off travelling and will continue to write for us from on the road.
Non-fan mail

Dear Sir,

I see some silly things in the Travel supplement of the Herald, such as the majority of "Flight Checks" being about non-Economy Class travel, when the vast majority of us travel Economy and would like to see comparisons/experiences of the Economy services of various airlines, but today's editorial ['Road worriers', June 7] is about as daft as anything that has been in the Travel supplement recently. To suggest we need dual carriageways on SH1 throughout New Zealand could only come from an Aucklander. When was the last time you experienced traffic jams in Oamaru, Palmerston, Milton or Gore? The South Island roads carry far less traffic than the North and it would be an enormous waste of money to have dual carriageways there. We pour fortunes into Auckland's roads, to try to ease the congestion. Why waste taxpayers' money where there is no congestion?

Perhaps investing a wee bit in rail, to get heavy vehicles (freight) off main roads and to have an alternative for tourists, might be better down there.

Yours faithfully,

Hugh Anderson

The Travel Editor responds: Gore has traffic?
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