Thank you Colleen Wright for taking Graham Matthews (of AIAL) to task for his corporate gobbledegook in reply to the simple question, "What happened to the observation lounge at Auckland Airport?" ['The airport responds', Travel, May 17]. I think he couldn't give a straight answer because he and AIAL are ashamed by the truth. The area occupied by the observation lounge was leased to Air New Zealand and incorporated into their premium lounge. The close-up view of the tarmac and the aircraft arriving and departing, which was once available for all to enjoy, is now reserved for a select few.

Martin Brown, Pukekohe
Dear Sir,

When I read 'Does travel kill your sex life?', [, May 25], at first I thought it was satirical. What kind of ego-centric person would spend more time on holiday mucking round with their phone than making love to their partner? I don't take a phone on holiday with me and -- know what?

It's always been okay, and everything has been fine when I've got back to New Zealand. Holidays are for connecting with and sharing beautiful and intimate moments with my partner, not for uploading and sharing what we're doing every five minutes on social media.


If you are someone who focuses on your phone rather than your partner when you're in hotel rooms, you are a sad, selfish person who probably has a low IQ. No surprises you're not getting sex on holiday, lame-o!

Ray Calver
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