Since the beginning of time, dogs - known to some as 'man's best friend' - have accompanied their humans on camping trips.

However, it might be time for cats to have their time to shine in the great outdoors - and the Instagram account Camping with Cats certainly agrees.

#cathaiku Day 76 They still don't know I am cat. Cat ambush is soon. #campingwithcats @lilothehusky

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A spinoff of the popular Camping with Dogs, the feline version features kitties tucked in backpacks, kayaking and climbing trees.

Each photograph even has a poem - or #cathaiku - to accompany it.


"When we started the account, we wanted to make it different from other accounts that feature photos of cats, so we decided to write all of our captions as haikus," founder Kara Davidson told Fox News.

While many wouldn't consider a cat to be the ideal camping companion, Ms Davidson disagrees.

"People are always asking how cats don't just run away in fear when you take them camping or hiking," she said.

Haiku this. 5-7-5. Go! #campingwithcats @ourvieadventures

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"I think many people perceive cats as lazy or anxious creatures that would be too scared to go outside and enjoy themselves. In reality, most cats enjoy the outdoors just as much as dogs."

#cathaiku Soiled by kindness. Gone is my rugged repute. Now I'm... Cuddly. #campingwithcats @bella_izko

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Visible in most Camping with Cats photos is a very important accessory - a cat leash. Make sure you pick one up before taking your furry friend out into the New Zealand bush - or you might be hearing from Gareth Morgan.