Packing is often the most stressful part of the holiday.

Not only do you have to contend with trying to fit all your favourite items of clothing into a suitcase, there are also annoyances such as make-up breaking, sun lotion leaking and then losing your valuables.

Luckily, help is at hand. Here's how you how to deal with all three of these irritations.

The best protection for your valuables

Breaking valuables, or worse, losing them, can turn a holiday into something you'd rather forget.


But for safekeeping of jewellery, coins and notes and those sentimental bits and pieces, all you need is an empty tube and some tissue.

A lip balm tube is ideal - just scoop out the product and clean with the tissue. Then simply drop in the valuables, re-seal the lid, and place safely in your luggage.

That terrible moment when you realise your expensive jewellery must have slipped out while you were rummaging through your belongings can be a thing of the past.

Never be at risk from leaking liquids ever again

It's happened to all of us - we've arrived at our sun-kissed location, opened up our suitcase but found that suncream or shampoo has leaked everywhere.

But all you need to avoid this nightmare is cling film and tape.

Wrap the cling film around the top of the bottle and then secure with some tape. Then, importantly, tip the bottle upside down and give it a squeeze, and you'll see the method is foolproof.

Protect the make-up from damage

With baggage handlers dealing with thousands of luggage items every day, speed is often the essence, and care and attention less so.

As a result make-up can end up being bashed to smithereens.

But a simple cotton pad could be the answer, as demonstrated with this powder compact.

The pad is placed on top of the powder and then the case is closed. After being dropped from a height alongside a case without the pad, the results are pretty clear.

The make-up inside the container without the cotton pad has turned to crumbs, while the 'protected' one remains intact.

The method can also used to protect any other form of make-up like bronzer, blusher and eye shadow palettes.