New Zealand may have one of the most powerful passports in the world, but when it comes to driving overseas, our licences don't hold quite the same clout.

A comparison by ranked the New Zealand driving licence the 14th strongest out of 22 countries, coming in between Switzerland and China.

The United Kingdom and France were found to have the strongest driving licences, with scores of 97, followed by Germany and Sweden.

New Zealand's overall power score was 71, while the weakest on the list was Russia, at 64.

An interactive map showed how the various drivers licences performed in 21 different countries.


It showed that the New Zealand licence could be used with the least restrictions in Hong Kong and Japan, where it could be used for 12 months before being exchanged for a local licence with no test.

It faced the most restrictions in China, where a driving test must be started from scratch, as well as the USA and Saudi Arabia.