Talk about a bull in a china shop - but this time, it's a buffalo in a bar.

The curious beast wandered into a party at Hlosi Game Lodge in South Africa to escape the heat, Traveller24 reported.

A spokesman for the lodge told Traveller24 the "buffalo spent a few days around the fence line at Hlosi Game Lodge" before entering the bar.

He was first spotted wandering around the fence, before slipping through a gap and having a quick drink at the swimming pool. However, when he discovered it was a salt water pool, he decided to take a dip instead.


"The pool at Hlosi is shallow so the upper half of the bull wasn't covered by the water and the team kept a close eye on the bull for any signs of distress or discomfort," said van Moerkerken.

What else to do on a sweltering day at Hlosi than go for a swim and have a drink at the Hlosi bar? #givethatbuffaloabells

Posted by Hlosi Game Lodge on Monday, March 7, 2016

After his swim, the bull then took an afternoon nap "at suite number one".

"Guests were kept at a distance and no one approached it. After its nap the bull proceeded to investigate the grounds where he found some shade... in the lodge's cool bar area."

Despite his size, the bull was "cautious enough not to bump anything" and exited out another door "without damage to himself or the bar and building."

The buffalo was then escorted back to the game reserve grounds.

Pictures of the unusual incident were published on social media.