When it comes to Icelandic spa etiquette, it's all about heads, armpits, crotch and toes.

A hilarious YouTube video created by online school Iceland Academy aims to teach tourists all the ins and outs of getting naked at a hot spa.

The clip begins with Gudmundur, head of spa etiquette, standing next to a naked man.

They head to the shower, where our instructor breaks out into song about the most important areas to clean before entering a spa.


"We take hygiene very seriously, and everyone is required to take a shower before entering the pool area, so remember the little rhyme, 'head, armpits, crotch and toes, crotch and toes,'" he says.

"There we have it, squeaky clean. Now, on with the water. Hot tubs are very important to the Icelandic people, in here, we are all equal and no topic is off limits. So come to Iceland where you feel nice, warm and relaxed."

It's not the first video created by the online school, which is part of a partnership between the Icelandic government and local travel companies called "Inspired by Iceland".

Other releases teach tourists about safe travel, winter sports and responsible travelling.

- nzherald.co.nz