While some dishes are strongly associated with certain countries, global travel has opened up a world of food - and Instagram proves it.

An infographic created by Photoworld shows the popularity of a variety of different cuisines - and the locations where these dishes are most photographed may surprise some.

From bacon to sushi, discover the popularity of the world's favourite foods on Instagram. Click image to open interactive version (via Photoworld).

For example, the iconic Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches were found to be predominantly photographed in Melbourne - due to the city's large Vietnamese population.

Korean bulgogi (barbecued beef) was Instagrammed more in Los Angeles than in Seoul, while the number one spot for sushi was in New York.


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And while slow-cooked pulled pork originated in the southern states of the USA, it's since become a hit in London, with 7.5 per cent of all tagged posts coming out of the British capital.

However, some foods were found to be not quite as well-travellled.

German currywurst (sliced sausages with curry ketchup) was predominantly found in its home country, with 40 per cent of tagged photos coming out of Berlin. None of the cities in the top five were outside of Germany.

And while French-Canadian poutine - chips with gravy and cheese curds - has increased in popularity, it still appears to be mostly a Canadian favourite. 20 per cent of poutine tags came from Quebec and no cities outside Canada made the top five.

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